Speaking Engagements

Get visible. Engage in valuable “face time” with key audiences.

Speaking in front of key audiences provides personal contact and interaction, as well as the opportunity for "face time" with key demographics. Presenters can demonstrate their expertise, build credibility, increase visibility, collect feedback, and build new relationships.

We develop speaking campaigns based on each client’s specific goals, target audiences, differentiators, and messages. We'll develop your speaking program by:

  • Researching appropriate venues and program formats (e.g., conferences, webinars, podcasts, roundtable discussions, etc.).
  • Developing a compelling pitch, highlighting your unique expertise and demonstrating what attendees would learn from your presentation. 
  • Conducting outreach to targeted venues/contacts.
  • Organizing logistics for solidified opportunities.

Speaking opportunities allow your expert spokespeople to (literally) get in front of your target demographics, keeping your organization (and your messages) top-of-mind.

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