Awards Outreach

Get recognized.  Be seen as a champion and increase your appeal.

Awards outreach is an effective way to demonstrate your roster of talent, your company’s successes and your position as an industry leader.  This type of high-profile recognition also serves to improve public perception, branding your organization a champion, thus making you more attractive to customers, prospects and partners.

To maximize the chances of winning important industry awards, we will:

  • Develop a compelling, memorable awards submission, customized for each opportunity. 
  • Spotlight what makes you different – and better – than the competition.
  • Gather back-up documentation (e.g., case studies, client references and testimonials, recommendation letters, revenue numbers, etc.), as needed. 
  • Create an impressive-looking nomination with professional layout/graphics. 
  • Conduct media relations outreach showcasing your win.
  • Leverage other opportunities to highlight these victories (e.g., social media posts, web copy, etc.).

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