About Us

E & G Public Relations, LLC provides PR and marketing services, ensuring that each of our clients develops a powerful, memorable presence among their priority populations. Our efforts get results that maximize our clients' visibility, credibility, impact and, ultimately, their sales.

Our areas of expertise include strategic counsel, messaging, media relations, media training, social media, speaking engagement outreach, awards outreach, book promotion, and writing services.  

E & G helped ProTracker Software increase visibility among our priority populations, including investment advisors and others in the financial services industry. Warren J. Mackensen, Mackensen & Company, Inc. and ProTracker Software, Inc. 

E & G has many key differentiators that make us the "go-to" PR firm for a variety of clients.  We are:

  • Experienced.  Our team is comprised of senior-level PR professionals with extensive expertise in marketing, media, PR, social media and more. 
  • Tenacious.  We're true go-getters, working tirelessly to get the win.
  • Creative.  We offer creative, innovative, customized ideas, maximizing our clients’ successes.
  • Strategic. We look at the "bigger picture" - business goals, vision for the future, etc. – and create customized PR and marketing campaigns accordingly.
  • Results-oriented.  We ask each client what success looks like to them – and then we achieve the results that they crave.
  • Scalable and flexible.  We have long-term relationships with most clients, but can work on specific projects - like a book launch.  Our flexibility allows our clients to scale up when they need PR/marketing support, and scale back when they don't.
  • Team players and cheerleaders.  Our collaborative approach means we’ll serve as an extension of your team. While we’ll be your biggest cheerleaders, we're not "yes" men and women. We'll always give you our honest opinions and expert advice.

We’re proud to represent a robust roster of clients spanning numerous industries, including healthcare, real estate, technology, business coaching, financial services, textiles and apparel. We sincerely believe in our clients and are passionate about maximizing their successes.

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Portsmouth, NH 03801
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